Walking In Between Kathmandu & Tibet – Day 6

Morning comes early in the Himalayas because for people that do not utilize electricity, so does going to bed. The crisp hill air was as boosting as a mug of fresh moka java. It slaps you in the face like a dash of icy hill spring water. I relocated rapidly out of my resting bag as well as alongside the cozy clay fireplace at the end of the tea house. Ahhhhh!

Our Tibetan hosts welcomed us amicably and also fried us up some thick flatbread. We decorated it liberally with regional honey as well as read more here  yak butter. No coffee, however the Chia milk tea was warm and also virtually as crucial.

Clear blue beautiful skies as well as billowy fast relocating clouds greeted us outside the Tea Home, in addition to a flurry of Tibetan Villagers. It was very hectic for the center of no place. You can listen to the sounds of individuals, bleating of goats, the clucking of hens, and the periodic moo from a yak.

What could potentially be taking place to create all this enjoyment? We quickly found that a high Lama from Tibet was making rounds via the Mountain ranges and would certainly be at the neighborhood Gompa (Tibetan Temple) today.

On capital above us, the Gompa was a square rock 2 tale building that stood out in the stark landscape. Thousands of Tibetan citizens were swarming around excitedly. A child was running as youngsters finish with much laughter and enjoyment. There was a joyful air concerning the place. It was not such as the sullen whispers and hush reverence found in Western Christian churches. These individuals were celebrating their Spirituality!

Walking In Between Kathmandu & Tibet - Day 6

We were the only westerners there. That’s the way I like it. It was undiluted pure Tibetan culture without the prejudice of the manipulative visitor market casting it’s exterior of authenticity through a lens of profit.

We directed to the entryway as well as took out our video camera. Pleasantly, I ask some youngsters hanging off a porch of the Gompa if I can shoot their pictures. They motioned no. Oh well, something concerning authentic experiences is that you often can only tape-record them in your heart.