Perfect Choices for the Cabaret Options

Something that has become more and more popular is learning erotic dance and striptease. The most common is striptease, where you dress off slowly and dance to music to excite your partner. You can also use sex toys and other accessories in your dance or striptease, such as whips and similar things. It’s all about daring to bid on you and at the same time find out what their partner likes. Dancing erotic is basically the same thing as a striptease. A sexy dance to excite the partner. The difference is that in erotic dance you usually keep your clothes on. When it comes to the Gold Rush Cabaret in Miami there are different kinds of dances that you will be able to have.

Girls exercising

Now, the erotic dance or striptease doesn’t just have to be about engaging someone. If you make the dance a workout, you have also lifted the sex life another step and at the same time, you get training for you and your body. When it comes to the origin of striptease, it is actually debated; there are many different places and dates that occur. It can be anything from ancient Babylonia to the USA and the 20th century. Another type of erotic dance is lap dance or knee dance. It is a very intimate dance where a woman moves sexy, usually on a person or on a person’s lap. This is often a dance that you pay for at a strip club for example.

Perfect Choices for the Cabaret Options

With the exception of salsa, these dances hitherto unknown and little practiced in Europe are now experiencing real success. Easy to access, joyful and sensual, little codified, they appeal to a wide audience.


Literally “sauce”, but also “sensual” or “attractive” in Cuban. Mixing Latin American rhythms with jazz influences, salsa is a popular and social street dance. Two main styles coexist Cuban salsa and Puerto Rican salsa.

Cuban salsa is very dynamic, the movements are done on circles or arcs of a circle, accompanied by many “nodes” of hands; the basic step (back / back) is almost on the spot, swaying.

Puerto Rican salsa is softer, the movements of the dancers are on an imaginary line called the corridor; the basic step is done with amplitude, on the line.


Musical genre and dance among the most popular in Latin America, the national dance of the Dominican Republic since 1930. One of the characteristics of the dance is its pronounced hips, different from that of Latin dances. The basic step would come from the approach of slaves who were harvesting sugar cane drum rhythm, chained to each other at the ankle. Its simple binary rhythm makes it easy to learn and practice from the first weeks of classes.


Born in Angola, the musical genre and kizomba dance (“festival” in Kimbundu) developed in the Portuguese-speaking African countries before entering Europe via Portugal in the late 2000s. This sexy dance, in which the couple is very close, begins to pierce. The rhythm plays on a subtle mixture of languor and speed that gives an almost feline touch to the movements of the dancers.